We believe everyone should own at least one amazingly soft cashmere

That's why we committed to offer high-quality 100% cashmere sweaters
and scarves at honest prices.

Feels great. Fits great. Looks great.
our story
MoonCats is a disruptive online brand of cashmere essentials founded in 2014 with the idea to
make high quality essentials affordable.

We like to take our inspiration from the heart of the fashion district in New York City, where we
are located.

Being tired of struggling to find high-quality staples at affordable prices, we decided to create our
own alternative: MoonCats the cashmere you can afford.

our values
Cashmere essentials, high quality, great cut and affordable prices.
We value our customers’ voices
Your feedback is what matters. Tell us about what you think so that we can continuously improve our products.
We cut the middle man
Being an online-only brand, we can skip the costs of operating a retail store. We design our own sweaters so that we’re not at the mercy of third party fees.
Our sweaters are made to be worn for many years, that’s why our cuts are classic but modern and the quality of our cashmere fibers are flawless.
the fabric
Famous for their quality and softness, our
sweaters are certified 100% pure cashmere
from Inner Mongolia.

After lots of research and tests, we finally found and
met the best cashmere factories in the cradle of
cashmere, Inner Mongolia in China where one can
find the highest quality in terms of cashmere fibers across the world.

Our cashmere fibers have diameter of 14.5-16.5 μm,
and a length of 41mm meaning our sweaters are far
from mainstream low priced and low-quality
cashmere sweaters you can find on the market.
our prices
Nevertheless, high quality should not
mean skyrocket prices.

Current apparel brands have an average markup of x8 and
have to deal with third parties. Traditional retailers have
a x8 markup, have to deal with third parties and with the
costs of operating a retail store.

By selling exclusively online and by lowering our mark-ups
we are able to offer honest prices to our customers.
With MoonCats, get ready to start building the long-lasting
wardrobe you always dreamed of.